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Meet our #WCW Natalie Melody Mhandu. A 31 year old Zimbabwean award winning entrepreneur and model. She famously appeared in one of Jah prayzah 2020 music video “Mukwasha”. She is a proud mother of one and better known for her... (More)
Are you Looking for cheap and reliable Transportation of passengers and goods ( Furniture, groceries and gadgets etc) from and to South Africa Please contact @Minister_of_Transport_ or office number ( +263779280354)
For all your maintenance services which include painting, tiling, plumbing, ceiling, pavings, electrical, rods, plastering, razor wire and fireplace. Emrich also makes metal doors, window frames, door frames, garage doors, gates and meter box.
Our #WCW is Eglet Mtengwa Nyabvure, a qualified Telecommunications Engineer who was driven by a passion to create a clothing line which spoke identity and authenticity. She therefore created and founded Pfeka, a brand which embeds subtle prints and patterns... (More)