After coming from a beautiful lake, Mr Dube gathered in the lounge watching television news.


" Dad?"  Pasca rolled on the carpet, facing his father. He was the youngest child aged eight from his two elderly siblings Melaine and Guest. " When are we returning to the lake?"


Mr Dube sighed thoughtfully and smiled back. " Lets wait for now, I will make a plan when I receive my next salary."


" Okay dad." grinned Pasca  rolling back and forth.


After a few seconds, the maid walked in and respectfully knelt before Mrs Dube. " Maam dinner is ready."


" Thank you Momo." answered Mrs Dube who then shifted at Pasca. " Son, tell your  your brother  and sister to come over dinner."


The adults lifted towatds the dinner table whilst Pasca strolled the passage to invite his siblings. In the midst of his trip, Pasca began whistling his favourite tunes. He exactly did it in a way the herdboys do when they return home with the cattle.


" Pasca please, you are irritating us!!" Melaine yelled from her room. " Some of us are studying for the examinations."


Instantly, Pasca stopped at her siater' s doorstep and chuckled," All you do is pretend sister. You never bring good results."


A loud sound of laughter suddenly erupted from Guest' s room. Melaine came rushing from her room and chased Pasca downstairs till  they reached kitchen door.


" What is happening to both of you?" Mr Dube shouted soon after he took notice of his children.


" Pasca startled me." said Melaine.


" You two, come over here and have supper before I change my mind." Mrs Dube felt cross and interrupted the conversation. " And where is Guest?"


" Coming right up." replied Guest tiptoeing and suddenly occupied his chair.


From the seconds that followed, spoons and plates rattled, as the family feasted. Each mouthful of the food tantalised their appetite but on the other side , Melaine thought of saying something.


" Dad?" she paused and cleared her throat." We are having a consultation day at school."


" Oh that's good news my daughter. I have been wondering about your frustration since you are about to write your final examinations." Mr Dube said gulping a sip of his juice and placed the glass on the table.


Melaine felt a gruel in her stomach. His father' s response was not comforting. Last time she attended the consultation with his father, she got mocked over a bad performance which made all students talk about her throughout the year. Melaine gazed on her plate, wishing it could rain so heavily.


" You know what, I will cancel the meeting at work and attend this consultation as well." Mrs Dube indulged, beaming a smile at her family.


Next morning, Alfred, Guest schoolmate came by and knocked on Guest' s bedroom door. He was already dressed in his uniform , ready to go to school. "Hey man are you in there? Open up."


" I'm almost done. You can come in man, the door is not locked. " Guest spoke  welcomingly and Alfred clutched the door handle walking in.


Shirts, shirts and bed sheets scattered all over the place. Alfred scrutinised the room and made a chuckle. " You are the most smartest student at school but so they know your room looks like a dungeon."


Guest lifted a tennis shoe and threw it on Alfred' s chest. " Shut up man, I barely find time to clean."


When Guest concluded his clothing, the two boys walked downstairs towards the main door. Melaine then caught sight of them and said, ' Guest, please wait."


Guest stopped and smiled lovingly at her sister. " I cannot allow dad to consult my books?"


" Why?"


Melaine glanced at Alfred then back at Guest. She began to feel her forehead moisturing from profuse sweat.


" Well, I really don't know how to say this but I,,"


" Dodged the lessons again." Guest interupted Melaine' s speech.


" Yeah but it wasn't intentional. I swear." Melaine spoke sorrowfully, pacing closer to his brother. She felt sunken on his handsome face and thought of an embrace from him but Alfred  was on the other side noticing everything.  


Guest melted sympathy and comforted. " We will talk about this when I get back from school"


" Alright." grinned Melaine who turned stepping back to her room. She then threw herself on the bed and began to think of how she was to make love to Guest again for he was her saviour to all her problems. Last time she slept with him, it felt blissful as honeymoon. Deep down in he heart, Melaine knew Guest was in a relationship with a Anna whom she enormously hated. The two girls played cheerleading and Anna was voted captain instead of Melaine. Melaine lifted on her bed and thought of the price she would actually face when the consequences of incest surfaced in her life.





Melaine laid flat on her bed feeling bored and heated up. Her rooftop had no ceiling and she felt like the sun rays were burrowing her body to hell. On another thought, Melaine lifted on her bed, stretched her arms yawningly and tied shoelaces on her feet. She walked steadily in the kitchen and found Momo bustling with her bowls and  oven trays. Melaine paused at the kitchen door. " Can I help?"


Momo whirled quickly and smiled. " No , you don't know my secrets, but anyway thank you for the suggestion"


" Alright Mrs chef." Melaine said pulling a kitchen chair then settled down. She watched Momo mix the flour and a few teaspoons of sugar and salt. When she was done, the baking powder was sprinkled evenly , hence a few jugs of water were poured.


" My mother never taught me how to bake." Melaine spoke staring attentively.


" Does she bake sometimes?"


" Well she used to bake cakes but it's only that she never wanted anyone for distraction." Melaine frowned disliking the thought. She faked a smile and continued, " Well, I needed to ask you something Momo."


" Oh me. Shoot!!" Momo instantly  flashed a grin feeling appreciated and honoured.


" Okay. Who was your first lover, like your first boyfriend?" Melaine asked the question folding her hands on the chest.


" Alright, where can I start?" said Momo who finished with the flour and pushed the tray in the oven. She closed the oven and leaned against the cupboard doors.


" It was way back in high school when I was doing my form Four studies. There was this guy who was a well known athlete and most people called him a cheater, the cheater as in an animal. He ran as fast you could never imagine."


" Wow, then what happened?" inquired Melaine who supported her chin on her hand.


" The athletic competitions were over that evening so the guy came ran towards me. All the girls wanted him but I always stressed why he chose to ask me out." Momo stared deep in Melaine' a eyes then shifted at the cupboard. She drew two mugs and lit her kettle on.


" I think you were beautiful that's why this guy chose you." Melaine responded waiting for a persistent narration.


Momo bent down checking her scones. They were now changing colour to brownish. She stepped twice and sat opposite to Melaine.

" He told me I was the most beautiful girl and had the most adorable qualities of a good wife. I felt convinced and had sex with him right away. We did it in the bathroom."


Melaine threw her head and giggled. " Was he good?"


" He was so good and I had nothing to loose."  answered Momo.


Feeling sadness creep in, Momo wrinkled lines of sorrow and added. " From that night, I never met the guy anymore."


" What happened?"


" He transferred from school. He never showed up the next day and the worse part of it was that he left me pregnant which became  hard  to trace him. I was used and played Melaine!!" Momo broke immediately to tears. She began to mourn  loudly as if someone had died. Melaine stood from her chair and gently patted on Momo' s back.


" I'm sorry Momo. It's part of  life which is never fair."


" Yeah, I know." replied Momo who wiped her eyes and returned to her baking. She served the hot scones with tea and the women persisted with their chats.



The bell rang for lunchtime. Guest remained seated whilst the rest of the students marched out. Anna returned in the class modelling straight at Guest. She lowered a bit and blew a kiss on Guest cheek.


" Anna, anyone  can suspect you doing that."


" Doing what Guest? Who doesn't know I'm your girlfriend?" Anna stormed irritably as if her kiss was a scratch on his skin. She began to walk away when Guest dashed from behind and stopped her by a warm embrace. " I'm sorry baby, I was just joking."


Anna turned satisfyingly and placed her hands on Guest' s arms. " Baby I was thinking."


" About what?"


" About paying a visit to your homestead. I'm so keen to meet your parents."


Guest felt uncomfortably breaking loose from her arms. He sat back on his chair and looked in her eyes. " That is not going to happen?"


" Why not?"


" Okay, One, you do not get along with my sister Melaine. Two,we are still young. It's not as if it's an official relationship Anna."


Anna remained postured swallowing anger and confusion. She started to think, rolling her eyes and glanced back at Guest. " I thought I was your real girlfriend and meant a lot to you."


" You are special bby." Guest  lifted speaking sofly like a prince charming. He then embraced her again and suggested. " Okay, as long as you dress properly and behave good, I will be pleased."


Anna kissed on Guest' s lips and said, " I swear I will be a good girl. So what time do we meet?"


" At around three. And don't be late, I hate delays."


" Perfect. " replied Anna who stepped out of the class singing her favourite song.


BONGANI: SECRET LOVERS❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥










Later that afternoo, Guest was finally home in his sister room. He sat on the edge oh her bed  whilst Melaine laid on her bed engulfing despair on her big fury pillow. She did not want her father to come and even regreted the confidence of uttering the consultation news to him.


" Melaine, there is totally nothing I can do to cancel such a special event." Guest spoke worriedly after he scratched his head. " I need you to be a strong girl and face whatever the teachers will say."


Melaine raised her back and leaned against the wall. She sat looking at him and thought maybe Guest was not supporting her side. " I understand your point of view but you have no idea how it was laat he came. If I could have not escaped, he definitely could have untuckled his belt and lashed hard on me."


" But Melaine," Guest turned and sighted her. " Why is it you behave so immature sometimes. I'm failing to understand why a person like you would find the gut to drop out the English lesson. What's the purpose tell me?" Guest asked Melaine with a constant raised eyebrow. He sometimes did that to her as a way to indicate frankness. Melaine looked down and sideways , feeling so embarrassed and speechless.


" I just posted a question Melaine and I need an answer" Guest demanded.


" I hate Mr Munetsa very much," she suddenly raised her face responsively. " He makes silly jokes that affect me at times."



" What kind of jokes?" Guest asked Melaine with wide parted hands.


Before she answered his question, Guest' s mother eventually  appeared at Melaine' s doorstep and paused silently like that. Melaine took notice of her mother from the direction she sat.


" Mum, what are you doing here?"


" There is a visitor in the lounge and she is looking for your brother."


" Who is she?" Guest turned swiftly at her mother' s direction, feeling nervous like never before.


" She said her name is Anna and you had an appointment" Guest' s mother answered. " Do you know her by any chance?"


" Yeah I do. She is a classmate." Guest responded  lifting up. He  stole a glance at Melaine  who also grinned back at him.


" Well anyway, Momo  has  served lunch and I need you downstairs right now." said Guest' s mother as she stepped from the door drifting downstairs to the lounge table.


The family gathered at the table to have lunch. Anna sat next to Guest looking beautiful in her white dress. When Melaine stole glances at Anna, she almost puked feeling jealous rising slowly in her gut. The more she viewed them , the worse she encountered a picture of a perfect couple married on their wedding day, all eyes appreciating them with love and smiles.


" So Anna, tell us more about yourself?" Gueat' s mother asked chewing her food.


" I'm a student at Eaglesvale and I'm a friend and classmate as well." Anna responded  feeling shy.


" That is wonderful." said Guest' a mother. " You know the thing is, Guest never brings his friends here except Alfred who lives next door. I was beginning to think you are his girlfriend."


" Oh no please. We are not yet into that phase." Anna chuckled a bit as she wiped her lips with her a small napkin.


Guest arrowed at her mother who seemed to be enjoying Anna' s presence and getting too far ahead of herself. " You what Anna, I wouldn't mind if you date my son now, it would help him to learn a few things about feminism before he enters marriage."


" I'm there for that mother." said Melaine interuptively.


Guest' s mother stopped and turned at Melaine. " Point of correction dear. I'm talking to the lovebirds not your relation as a sibling." she concluded turning back at Anna and smiled. " I'm sorry, Melaine loses her brakes sometimes."


" I'm not surprised. replied Anna.


Feeling tarnished and angry, Melaine stood up and dashed to her bedroom. She slammed her door and shut everyone to silence.


Guest dropped his spoon and sighed. " Women."


Lunch was over and it was time for Anna to leave. She had to leave before sunset for security along the streets. Guest accompanied her to the gate till she walked herself at home.

[14:49, 21/07/2021] BONGANI: SECRET LOVERS. ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥




Everyone had dispatched from the lounge to their bedrooms except Guest who stepped through the kitchen door and realised silence all over the house. He moved to the lounge , there was no there. On a second thought, he strolled to his room but paused at Melaine' s door step when he heard a soft sob coming from her room. Guest clutched the door handle and stepped in slowly.


" Melaine are you okay?" he looked at his sister who laid covered in her double lengthened  sheets. Either of her feet or her face seemed visible as the blanket sprawled from her head to toes. Guest closed the door softly and reached towards her pillow. He uncovered the top part of the sheets and realised she was moistured all over her cheeks.


" Why are you crying?" Guest asked again. " Is it about the consultation day day because I can fix with dad soon as he returns from work."


She wiped her cheeks and sneezed her flue on the handkerchief. " It's not about the consultation day. I just don't understand why I felt so jealous Anna."


" Anna," said Guest surprisingly. " Why would you be jealous of her."


" Because she has you." Melaine answered turning her towards Guest face. She was now an inch separate from him and Guest began to feel her warmth breath inhaling in his nostrils.


" Look, about Anna. She forced herself to come here but it's not like I really love her." he spoke convincingly , pulling Melaine in his broad arms. " If I loved her you could have seen it by yourself. It's only in my heart and that can never change."


Melaine smiled back pleasurably and stretched hands around his neck. All the gnawing pain finally disappeared and she reached for his lips and began kissing him, gently and passionately. With a similar heart driven reaction, Guest drew his hands down her waist and pulled her closer to him. Flames of passion waved with power. The moment of lovemaking had kindled it's light. Guest rolled on top of her as she welcomed him with wide open legs. He brushed himself against her body  as she oozed wet on her cookie.


" Guest, Melaine, what are you doing?" Guest' s mother uttered at Melaine' s bedroom door. She looked nervous as if traumatised not believing she was watching her own children ensuring pleasure like real adults. He rolled down on the floor and quickly stood up staring sideways. Melaine sat up straight and held her pillow with shame. She could not meet her nother' s eyes.


" What on earth is this supposed to mean?" Guest' s mother asked. " Does your father know about this Guest?"


" No mom he doesn't." Guest immediately stammered feeling reckless. He knew the result of confessing such kind of news to someone like his father.


" Well, both of you, I'm so diasappointed at you. I have nothing to say or nothing to do at you. I will wait for you father to handle this maturely."



She finally slammed the bedroom door leaving Melaine and Guest shivering like reeds in the cold waters.






Early the next morning, there was a consultation at Melaine' s school. The tables were already set from corner to corner in each and every classroom with an expert teacher behind it. The students sat outside with their parents,  waiting to be announced by Mrs Moyo who took the task to do things orderely. When Melaine' s turn came, she paroded with her father who dressed formally and aroused all the female taechers to glance at him. Still in the process of being consulted, Melaine reached at several tables and received positive feedback from the teachers. Deep within her heart, she would just recite prayers whenever she stood up to another table. Finally from the Mathematics teacher, she rose up with her father to be consulted by Miss Amma who sat cheerfully at her table. A destructive gruel bubbled fear as Melaine knew her secrets were to surface.


" Good morning?" Mrs Amma lifted tall and stretched hands for a handshake.



" Morning how are you?" Melaine' s  father replied handshaking her.


" Well,I'm glad you are here." she broke loose from his hands and indicated welcomingly. " Please take your seats."


" Thank you." said Melaine' s father as he and his daughter occupied their  chais.    


" Thank you for coming." Mrs Amma smiled  taking hold of her file and started flipping its pages. When she stopped, she looked up at Melaine and uttered. " Oh, please take out your English books Melaine so that can i can assess your performance."


Melaine placed her satchel on her laps and zipped it open. She took five exercise books which looked uncovered and seemed ragged lik toilet papers. Her father gazed at her deeply but remained silent for an upcoming show.


" Alright, you can open up your books young girl." Mrs Amma requested still holding her file and watching Melaine' a actions through her tinted spectacles.


Melaine flipped almost like ten pages which seemed blank and not used. She aborted to herself and snatched another exercise book which was written shoddy work and blank spaces between paragraphs. Turning around for an inspection, she realised her father shaking his head from  disapproval.


" That's your daughter sir." Mrs Amma announced and dropped her file on the table. " I thought she was gonna rebel with her books but she took courage anyway. Unfortunately, I'm not gonna show you her marks. I guess you have seen how reckless she is at her school work."


Melaine' s father turned and snapped at his daughter.. " Where is all this behaviour coming from?"


Melaine looked down embarrassingly.


" Answer me you child of a pervert.!!" Melaine' s father thundered, hitting the table with his balled fist. Mrs Amma mouth parted and felt shocked at his instant reaction.She could have assumed Melaine' s father was a gentleman but it seemed a devil had crawled in from hell.


" Uuum sorry Mrs Amma, do you provide extra lessons during your spare time?" Melaine s father asked.


" Yes we do and I can actually fit her in my students list."


" Please do that for her." Melaine' s father said. " I don't know if she has gone mentally disturbed but assist her whenever you can."


" No problem sir." Mrs Amma drew a pen  from her pocket and slid it with a paper towards Melaine' s father. " I shall need your phone number so I can send assignments which she will have to text back when she is done."


Melaine' s father took the pen and wrote his contact details down. On the other side of the table, Melaine stole a glance at Mrs Amma. She then grinned back to Melaine as a way of pissing her. Melaine s father finished and pushed the paper back.


" Thank you sir for coming."


" Pleasure." Melanie s father answered and atood up leaving on their way home.

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Back at home, the family settled around the table and got served by Momo. She had cooked sadza and a beef stew. A bottle of mazoe drink was put at the centre for anyone who wanted to quench thirst. The entire room was silence, no one spoke with the other. When Melaine' s mother discovered the strange reaction, she eventually startled.


" Melaine, How did the consultation go?"


" It well mother." Melaine answered sulkily.


" Oh," Melaine ' s mother chewed her food and shifted to look her husband. " You seem uptight. What's going on?"


" I don't want to talk about her consultation." said Melaine' s father.


" Alright something is a.selling bad here." Melaine' s mother expressed washing her hands and wiped staring at Melaine' s father. She craved for an explanation and knew the truth was buried beyond the silence. " Now spill it out, both of you and don't tell me it's nothing again."


Melaine' s father exhaled heavily as if relieving from a hard task. He swallowed his food and then cleared his throat by a few sips of the drink. " Your daughter is playful at school. She is dropping her english lessons and leaves out blank spaces whenever she writes her work."


Melaine' s mother whirled suspiciously at Melaine. She did not shout or attempt to gloat inevitably. She remained constantly calm. " What is wrong with you child?"


Melaine remained shut and scared.


" Why are you dropping lessons at school? Is there someone who is encouraging you such an idea?"


" No." responded Melaine.


" Then what us the problem?" she eventually exploded  unexpectedly.


Pasca and Guest panicked at once. They wide opened their eyes and looked frightened at the table.


" Calm down sweetheart." Melaine' s father advised cuddling his wife' s hand then turned frankly at his daughter. " From now on there is no longer hanging out after school. You come back home to write your assignments and I definitely check on them before you submit. Do you hear me?"


" Yes dad." Melaine noded nervously.


" Go to your room now." Melaine s mother ordered to her daughter.


" Mum she hasn't done eating yet."Guest indulged concerningly.


Melaine' s mother turned slowly with a noctunal eye sighting like an owl, prying on a tall tree. " I have nothing to say to you Guest. Don't make me hate you forever."


Melaine stood up and strolled to her bedroom. Everyone continued with their food until it reached bedtime. The whole house was entirely peaceful except Guest who decided to talk to Melaine. He clutched the door handle and silently swerved the door open.


" Guest is that you?" Melaine alwhiapered after she raised her head viewing a dim shadow from her doorstep.


" Yes it's me." Guest whispered back and crawled softly within her sheets.


CHAPTER SIX COMING VERY SOON.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥