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Auntiey Mimiey
Auntiey Mimiey

Mirriam Kwenda Mutize (aka Auntiey Mimiey) Profile.

Author of TETE BOOK SERIES. Tsika Lounge Talk Show Host. Presenter. MC. Agony aunt. Charity worker. Studying Masters in Public Health. Wife. Mother. Church Elder. Paediatric Nurse. Mid and South Essex Trust Staff Governor. Marketing and public relations executive.

Miriam advocates for fostering healthy family and marriages so to create safe nurturing home environments for children. She promotes social and moral values and recognises the importance of communities in raising families. Auntiey Mimiey, is a mentor and coach, she empowers women and girls through the “I am a girl” girlchild mentorship initiative, which currently funds school fees for ten form three girls in Kariba, Zimbabwe. She believes that with skills the girl child is less vulnerable.

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