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Our #MCM is Sikandar Raza Butt, a Pakistani-born Zimbabwean international cricketer aged 36, who plays all formats primarily as a batsman. Born in Sialkot, Raza emigrated to Zimbabwe in 2002 along with his family. He soon became one of the... (More)
Zimbabwean agricultural products found in Dutch supermarkets
The video shows the Saudi Defense Minister arriving at the Chinese Embassy in Riyadh, to celebrate the Chinese New Year Apparently, the Chinese forgot to mention to the Saudi Arabian Minister, that there would be Firecrackers to welcome him. 🤣... (More)
Our #WCW is Eglet Mtengwa Nyabvure, a qualified Telecommunications Engineer who was driven by a passion to create a clothing line which spoke identity and authenticity. She therefore created and founded Pfeka, a brand which embeds subtle prints and patterns... (More)